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vivifying the right that promises to defuse terrorism

Bypaul arthur cassidy

Representing a real hope for a celebrated end of the battle between Jews, Muslims, and Christians is their exhuming a long-forgotten gift of God and common stone of faith—each individual’s commemorable right to someday electively experience God’s judgment for each his own inescapable Sabbath violations. So latently empowering to each individual and so vital to his communication of faith and faithfulness, yet so overlooked, this invaluable right warrants appreciation and more—it warrants sanction at the national level. Yet first, before it can gain such sway in the public forum or even champions to fight for it, this right needs its long-awaited public examination.... Vivifying...(Vol1) investigates this beckoning right, yet is but a tenuous first attempt to discuss its historical background, to examine each nation’s administrative role to uphold it, and to explain how cherishing this right would preserve life and wholly vitalize the heritage left to future generations.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): paul arthur cassidy



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