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MILHHAMOT HA-SHEM The Holy Wars of God Against the False Kabbalah Of the Zohar

ByPaul Green

The Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem of the Yemenite Sage Yihhe ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh, of Sana, Yemen, was first published in Jerusalem in 1931 but it was quickly suppressed by the Kabbalists because it spoke against the Entire Theological Doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar and all the Kabbalah that followed it. It thus represented a great threat to about 350 years of false Kabbalah within the framework of Traditional Judaism. Here is the necessary historic outcry for correction. The Traditional Guards of the Torah have falsely ‘sanctified’ the Zohar believing it to be a unified part of the Jewish faith, all blindly unaware of the totally idolatrous substance of the Doctrine of Emanation which deviates radically, God save us, from the true faith of Abraham, our father, the true faith of all Israel, the ‘simple’ faith in the One Living God of the universe!


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Paul Green



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