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God's blueprint for humanity

ByPaul Ominde

From the Beautiful Design of the Sunflower to the facial dimensions of a Human Being, is seen the artistic work of a Master Creator. His Fingerprints are all over the universe and all Creation points back to this One Master Artist, Architect, Mathematician, Engineer and Designer. His Design is Astounding and Breath-taking, leaving men in awe of His Greatness. Man looks at the Fingerprints left behind by this Great Designer in order to come up with Designs of his own to help him govern the universe around him. Through the ages men have also responded to This Great Designer in varied ways and over time, they've had their own opinions of what they think He should be and what He should not be. Despite how man responds to Him, He's continually Desired to have a Special Relationship with Human Beings. What is your response to God's Blueprint For Humanity?


Publication Date
Aug 2, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Paul Ominde



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