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The Spill of Blood & The Lamentations of Lamalo

The Spill of Blood & The Lamentations of Lamalo

ByPaul Peter Rom Abim

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The long and ignored LRA war has left every family in Northern Uganda wounded and weeping. A lot of blood of the innocent has been shed in northern Uganda through the ruthless ambushes, lootings, abductions, rape and vandalism by the LRA, led by their leader Mr. Joseph Kony from Odek in Gulu District. It is the Spill of Blood because, the human blood is a rich symbol among the Acholi people. For not only does it represent life but it is life itself. Brutal death among the Acoli is therefore referred to as the Spill of Blood. The land is covered with the smell of human blood. I can do nothing but to burst into an elegy. I lament and weep as I see the players in the war closing their eyes to the plight of the innocent. The Spill of Blood is pointing out the truth as it is. It is a product of a lived experience. Who will stop for us the flow of blood? Will the sun ever rise and shine on us again?


Publication Date
Nov 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Paul Peter Rom Abim


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