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Culture Quest World Tour ~ Peru Unit Study

ByPaula Ordunez

Peru Unit study lesson plan is a hands on interactive journey to Peru; it is for kids of all ages to enjoy hours of learning fun. I have been teaching this unit to children ages 5-14. You will learn about modern day culture, geography, architecture, religion, government, celebration, history and much more. Each unit is internet linked with endless possibilities to what you can learn. Here you will find everything that you need to get you started on your journey, including directions to crafts, activities, interactive printable forms, colorful pictures and discussion questions, material lists and preparation instructions as well as other ideas to take you farther on your journey in the exploration of Peru. Among these are step by step directions on how to make a Andean house, weaving lesson, Yunza tree and much more. This unit can be done individually or with a group of various aged children and each Culture Quest Unit Study can stand alone. LuLu Store Front -


Publication Date
Jan 17, 2009
Education & Language
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By (author): Paula Ordunez



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