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Jesus and Ladies in Love

ByPawel S. Wojcik

This is the second volume of inspirational short stories based on a fictitious life of Jesus. The relationships between the Master from Nazareth and the women who followed him during his entire life bind the stories of this collection together. The accounts are related to the New Testament data but elaborate them freely in an entertaining, suspense-creating and thought-provoking manner. Ordinary objects and everyday events become means of communicating love among the heroes and heroines of the stories, the process that you, dear Reader, are invited to replicate in your own life as well. The often amusingly romantic narratives of this collection will infuse your life with joy and optimism, while inspiring you to be ever more creative in your manifestations of love to those around you. This book can be recommended to those who are in love already and those who wish to be so as well – in a word: these stories are meant for everyone.


Publication Date
Jul 1, 2013
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Pawel S. Wojcik



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