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Whose Spirits Touch

BySandy Lee CarlsonJason D. Chee

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This collection features poems that appeared online each day in February 2024 as a part of the Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal's love and relationships challenge. The poems in this book are about loving fully and openly and in deep respect for human nature. The poets are honest and real and rooted. In their honesty, they invite you into their experiences. This is how poetry builds community. In love, welcome. This edition features the work of Mary Ann Abdo, Petrouchka Alexieva, Lisa Ashley, Padmaja Battani, Cynthia Bernard, Gloria Bromberg, Sandy Lee Carlson, Pamela Hobart Carter, Sreelekha Chatterjee, Norla D. Chee, Julie Cook, Edward Dzitko, Joshua C. Frank, Diane Funston, Roger Funston, Evie Groch, Ken Gosse, Dan Hubb, Margaret Koger, Nancy Lubarsky, K.G. Munro, Joyce Ritchie, Barbara Simmons, Sharon Smith, Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Mike Turner, Karen Warinsky, Lynn White, and Peter A. Witt. Cover art copyright of Jason D. Chee, Navajo artist.


Publication Date
Feb 18, 2024
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Sandy Lee Carlson, By (artist): Jason D. Chee, By (author): Mary Ann Abdo, By (author): Petrouchka Alexieva, By (author): Lisa Ashley, By (author): Padmaja Battani, By (author): Cynthia Bernard, By (author): Gloria Bromberg, By (author): Sandy Lee Carlson, By (author): Pamela Hobart Carter, By (author): Sreelekha Chatterjee, By (author): Norla D. Chee, By (author): Julie Cook, By (author): Edward Dzitko, By (author): Joshua C. Frank, By (author): Diane Funston, By (author): Roger Funston, By (author): Ken Gosse, By (author): Evie Groch, By (author): Dan Hubb, By (author): Margaret Koger, By (author): Nancy Lubarsky, By (author): KG Munro, By (author): Joyce Ritchie, By (author): Barbara Simmons, By (author): Sharon Smith, By (author): Sarah Dickenson Snyder, By (author): Mike Turner, By (author): Karen Warinsky, By (author): Lynn White, By (author): Peter A. Witt


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Small Square (7.5 x 7.5 in / 190 x 190 mm)

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