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Guitar Tuition for the Beginner Level 1 + Fillable Chord Charts Book

Guitar Tuition for the Beginner Level 1 + Fillable Chord Charts Book

ByPeter Houghton

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The 'Guitar Tuition for the Beginner handbook Level 1 and the Students fillable chord chart book ', are a great investment to purchase; They are a great resource for both tutor and students. They will accompany and compliment the tutor’s lessons, for the student to record their progress and motivate with progressive learning and it is great supplement for newbie students wanting to learn a few things before and during their starter lessons and teaches the basics and fundamentals of playing the guitar. You'll soon realize that you can't live without it! It's a great resource for both tutor and students How is it different from other books that you have seen? - You are right in asking. Well, it's simple. - The handbook itself, is ideal for both tutors and students and will accompany and supplement the tutor’s lessons and their additional notes too; and will give much more information and insight on various aspects of learning and playing so the student can feel more confident. The student will get guidance on things to look out for when prepping, for one-to-one lessons. There's guidance on purchasing your first guitar and accessories they will need. It covers later purchases that they could invest in as they develop. There is a small list of important and essential equipment that you'll need; including optional equipment and resources to purchase, prior to lessons. Many of the items listed you can purchase in your local friendly music shop and also online. It also has advice on 'hardening' finger tips (building callouses) and of course, helpful advice so the student will get the best of their instrument along-side their musical journey. In the handbook there's also space to record new chords, track progress, has additional blank rhythm sheets and space for notes. You can download and print extra copies from the Short link/ QR Code if needed. Students fillable chord chart book: The student can now have there own fillable chord progress book. Simply put: as the student learns new named chord, he or she can enter them in the corresponding chord charts in Part 1. In Part 2 the student can enter appropriate chords for each particular key. Sometimes it's really handy to know which chords form the basis of any key to play almost any song. Presented in the book are both easy to find chords and also keys.


Publication Date
Aug 17, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Peter Houghton


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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