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The Side Hustle: How to Make an Extra a Month $1000 On Ebay (Part One)

ByPeter Park

It is so expensive to be alive these days. We cringe every time we pay for a meal above $10, see our groceries amount to $100+, see it takes $40 to fill up our gas tank, or even find that a movie ticket is $13. It should NOT be this way. We should be allowed to thoroughly enjoy living. We should NOT consider watching a bootleg version of a movie when we want to watch it in the THEATERS with some POPCORN. That is why we all need a Side Hustle apart from our main job. The Side Hustle is necessary because it pays for all the "extra" expenses in our lives and it takes little to no effort to do so. It provides us with enough extra income to enjoy the little things and to overcome the constant expenses in our lives. In this series of ebooks, I will share with you the key tips and golden rules that allow me to make $1000-$2000 per month realistically on Ebay. With only a few hours of commitment per week, you too can establish your very own, successful Side Hustle with me.


Publication Date
Jan 27, 2015
Business & Economics
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By (author): Peter Park



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