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Their Messages for Humanity

ByPeter Slattery

Who has not looked up into the night sky and wondered: Are we alone in the vastness of space? Is Earth the only planet teeming with life? Pete Slattery says definitely “NO!” Since childhood he has interacted with ETs and interdimensional Beings from worlds and realms, near and far. Mostly, they are kind and loving, and want only to help humanity evolve spiritually, a process known as Ascension. Meet them here through their words and thoughts, as received through Pete Slattery: Like the light, we shine on you, but know in the darkness within there you will find your light and there we will meet. Intention shows the way; love unlocks the door. – Patma of Sirius Embrace the unknown and the knowingness that comes from the heart. Being your own authority is much needed for the Earth Human with what is going to happen in time with entering the reunion with the greater family. – Calzen from the Andromeda Constellation All paths, no matter how they might seem, lead back to Source. Each soul has its own journey to make through the heart space, which is where Source, your guide, can direct you through intuition and inner guidance. – Shi-Ji the Pleiadian God lives in you, and each and every one of you is an aspect of this grand intelligence. The Elohim aspect is your Cell of Source, your Godhead, and even though all is one, all is unique and an expression of an individual experiencing itself. – The Elohim


Publication Date
Apr 20, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Peter Slattery



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