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Self Mastery

The Path to Ascension

ByPeter Slattery

The path of realization and self-mastery can lead to an experience of our true nature. Once a glimpse of this is seen, walking in joy, compassion, love, and non-judgment of self and others comes into play. Here you will find voices from many worlds and dimensions, as filtered through the consciousness of Pete Slattery. You will be astonished by Pete’s personal experiences with ETs and other multidimensional Beings, including those that walk among us on Earth unseen. Most importantly, SELF-MASTERY includes Tips and Tools. These practical exercises for self-discovery will help you progress in your spiritual evolution towards Ascension. Mindset, focus, goal orientation, thirst for life, service to others, growth and learning are all keys to soul evolution, leading you ultimately to reunite with your spirit and bring clarity and direct connection to Source, to God. When you achieve these ideals, you will realize this connection has been there all along.


Publication Date
Mar 30, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Peter Slattery



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