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The Little Book of Leadership

ByPhil Dourado

A little ebook that brings you bite-size insights, tips, advice and guidance (plus a couple of laughs) to help you lead your own life as you want to lead it, to develop your own ability to lead other people and to help you develop the leadership abilities of those you work with or parent. Includes leadership insights drawn from Peter Senge, Tom Peters, Jack Welch, Abraham Lincoln, Bob Geldof, Bob Dylan (!) and other big names. You will find a rich content, helping you to make sense of thorny leadership subjects like: how to lead when you are not the boss; luck and leadership; motivation; target-setting; distributed leadership (the need for leadership at all levels). And, if you are really pressed for time, there’s also on the opening pages The 60 Second PhD in Leadership – four sentences that give you possibly 90% of what you need to know. Hope you enjoy. Phil Dourado. .


Publication Date
Oct 19, 2007
Personal Growth
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By (author): Phil Dourado



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