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Block of Six / Death by Madness

ByPhil Dumas

Explicit Content
TWO NOVELS IN ONE!... BLOCK OF SIX... After losing his job, wife and home, Spencer is rehoused in a block of flats in the middle of nowhere. His flatmates - a bunch of unemployable misfits - are so diverse and unstable that alcoholism, blackmail, racism, prostitution, drug abuse, jealousy and even murder all rear their ugly heads. DEATH BY MADNESSS... Set in the colourless gloom of the 18th century, Oro Sneet's knowledge of the occult is put to the test when a beautiful queen calls upon his services after her wealthy community falls victim to a string of savage violence. Oro is soon captivated by the Queen and his actions condemned by her jealous right-arm guard who takes drastic measures in trying to remove Oro permanently. Oro falls upon a startling revelation, a devious soul jumping from body to body, searching for an atheist to make her pregnant. Only then, can she free herself from two dark priests who have blackmailed her into having a child to sacrifice upon their altar. Oro, being a non-believer, watches his back but as the plot twists and thickens to near solidity, his troubles are intensified when he suddenly becomes the only hope of ridding the planet of an immortal demonic Count who, with a partner just as cunning as he, plans to become a superpower in evil.


Publication Date
Feb 17, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Phil Dumas



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