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On The Road To Recovery

How To Heal from Childhood Abuse, Trauma And Neglect And Reclaim Your Life

ByPhilip Newton M. Psych LPC

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Abuse can take many forms. Countless people in this world have or been suffered at the hands of some cold-hearted individuals. The abusers are often closed relations, and we need to live with them “till the last breath.” So, it becomes challenging to control the memories that take us to an eternal loop of childhood abuse. Stigma and shame are the first symptoms that are associated with childhood abuse. Most of the abuse victims get trapped in a twisted pattern of shame, stigma, degradation, low self-esteem, pain, and depression. It is essential to come out of this loop to develop your skills and identify your real potentials. For this exact reason, I wrote this book for you to help you unlock your true selves. As a victim myself, I know all the miseries associated with childhood abuse. I took the opportunity and used my pain for my personal growth. I managed to become an authority in rehabilitation sciences, and I am helping hundreds of individuals who have suffered at the hands of an abuser. In this book, you will find sections about: • Types of childhood abuse • Shame and stigma associated with the abuse • Strategies to overcome shame and stigmatization • Using compassion for internal healing • Five ways to recover from abuse • Strategies to build a better life by keeping the past behind


Publication Date
May 29, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Philip Newton M. Psych LPC


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