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King Arthur's Tribe: A New Anthropology of the Veneti

King Arthur's Tribe: A New Anthropology of the Veneti

ByPiero Favero

Why has the character of King Arthur been so successful over the centuries? The answer can be found in the aura of mystery surrounding his figure. Indeed, there are no certainties about him. We do not know when he was born and where his kindgom was. In order to solve the mystery, it would thus be of great help to identify “the tribe that created his myth”. Could it have been the Veneti? The Veneti were a very ancient and fascinating people, scattered in various areas of Europe, and this volume thus sets out to offer an innovative study on the Veneti of the Atlantic and Baltic areas through a comprehensive analysis of historical, archaeological and mythological aspects. Authoritative international sources have been incorporated to guide the reader toward an intriguing reinterpretation of the ancient Veneti which reveals unsuspected aspects of a far-gone world, which was so different from ours. What emerges is a forgotten heritage that culturally links distant areas of Europe.


Publication Date
May 11, 2017
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By (author): Piero Favero



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