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Props and Jets

The Shifting Relationship Between the United States Air Corps and a Major Industrial City from 1925 to 1948

ByQuentin L. Hartwig

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The June 25, 1925, inauguration of Rodgers Field marked the beginning of Allegheny County Commissioners’ investment into commercial aviation. A modest acquisition of 40 acres that has with time evolved to the presence of the 1500 acre Pittsburgh International Airport across town. This book chronicles the dreams, successes, failures, promises, and fatalities in the intervening events from 1923 to the opening of the commercial terminal at the Greater Pittsburgh Airport (GRP) in 1952. Over time, Rodgers Field, the first field, could not be enlarged, expansion of Allegheny County Airport, the second field, proved too expensive, with GRP, the third field, finally large enough to fill the needs of the commercial and military needs. In the 1920s and 1930s the political leadership of Allegheny County struggled to craft the best aviation facility to attract military and commercial interests. Experience with the shortcomings of Rodgers Field provided guidance in the design of the Allegheny County Airport. During World War Two, Pittsburgh lay in the flight path of immense numbers of thirsty military aircraft being flown from one area of the United States to another. The breadth of the Greater Pittsburgh Airport provided the necessary space for runways and parking areas to accommodate the impressive traffic landing for refueling, maintenance and repair. In that time period, the media devoted most of their attention to the battle arenas, in foreign lands and on distant oceans. Conflicts won meant yet another step to victory when the United States service men and women could return home. But the success ‘over there’ was totally dependent upon the war production system ‘over here.’ In addition to the military history of Rodgers Field, this work details the worthy participation ‘over here’ of the two Allegheny County airfields. 162 photos, illustrations, drawings, documents. A Merriam Press Aviation History.


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Feb 6, 2021
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By (author): Quentin L. Hartwig


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