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Deception People

ByRéal Laplaine

According to research on the subject of Out-Of-Body-Experiences, or OOBE, roughly 10% of the population have experienced at least one time in their lives where they felt separated from their body, not as imagination, but in fact, sensing an existential separation. Troy Evans, a graphics designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been experiencing OOBE since he was ten. Falling from a tree and nearly cracking his skull, Troy had his first OOB. Over the years to come, he honed the skill, learning to leave and return to his body at will. One day, he happens upon a secretive meeting in a hotel thousands of miles away, where senior officials of the U.S. government, military and private military contractors are planning a domestic attack on America – one that will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park. Troy attempts to expose the plot to Homeland Security, but his report flags those involved in the cabal, and he suddenly finds himself arrested under trumped up charges and incarcerated as mentally dangerous to the welfare of others. As the clock ticks down, Troy tries to convince his therapist that he is not mentally ill or hallucinating, and eventually, she agrees and helps him escape the mental facility. What ensues is a thrill ride, as Troy and Melanie run for their lives, hunted down by the intelligence and surveillance network of the very nation they are trying to save, desperately trying to find someone who will believe them before it is too late. "Riveting from beginning to end, make sure you set aside a weekend once you start reading.” Eric Richard Dallaire, author "Deception People. Telling the truth can be fatal, is the first of a series of books that is a well written, intriguing, action-packed thriller with a supernatural twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you like Patriot Games and The Bourne Identity, I recommend this book." "The Deception People is a well written novel that is nerve-wrackingly real, and suspenseful." "An Intelligent and Thoughtful Roller Coaster Ride with a Rare Twist..." "Réal has again created a thriller you don't want to put down until the end."


Publication Date
Jan 29, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Réal Laplaine



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