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A Year of Sitting Painfully

ByR Humphries

Join Jojo and her chums in more of their uproarious antics. In Volume 3 anarchy prevails at the Woody Back to School Unit as the inmates continue to rebel against the austere regime of Operation Scorched Arse with an unprecedented surge of mischief, mayhem and malfeasance. Jojo Heyworth establishes her place in the history of the Woody Back to School Unit as she overtakes all the other legendary über-minxes at the pinnacle of the Bottoms Up Table of Troublemakers, Debs Morton learns the painful lesson what it means to be ‘absolutely creamed’, Nixdown seduces the beautiful statuesque Red-shirt Penelope Ann Evans, and the Bounder stalks Janet ‘Mitch the Bitch’ Mitchell. The notorious bully and enforcer for the Secret Society of Serial Spankers, Juliet ‘Spanker’ Spage, gets her comeuppance and after being subjected to a much needed public flogging she is flunked from the unit and dispatched to do hard time in chokey.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Parenting & Families
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By (author): R Humphries



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