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TYRANT STAR (Tyrant Star as originally intended and envisioned)

Sidera Sanguinem

ByR. L. BlackburneJ.A.D. Wright

Long ago… …in the far and distant reaches across the universe This is NOT the galaxy of; ‘A long time ago and far, far away’. This is a galaxy of adventure, heroism, villainy, and eroticism. It is a place where energy blades clash and eyeblink-fast energy bolts fill the air in the ongoing contest of and for passion, lust, power, dominance and vengeance. I welcome you in to this Realm. It is here you will meet the intriguing Human-hybrid people known as K’Syth and enjoy a tour of their ancient and powerful Imperium; Adherents to the Dark, and embracers of Passion. For Passion is Life and peace is for the grave. Encounter the Ji’D’Hai and the Confederation they stand in defense of; Those who stand as the galactic guardians of peace and order in opposition to all who would sow chaos, suffering and misery among the many peoples of The High Confederation as well as the greater galaxy. Sneak into the Grand Galactic Empire; A power-hungry, expansionistically-Imperial and utterly militaristic war machine ruled entirely and absolutely by a single, ancient being so twisted, so entirely evil, so self-corrupted that he is one who can no longer be called Human. This is a galaxy where all the rules go out the airlock. No punches pulled. There is only one war. It is here and eternal. TYRANT STAR


Publication Date
Jul 8, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): R. L. Blackburne, By (artist): J.A.D. Wright



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