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Blood Slave - A Woman of Haiti

2-Tales of occult human bondage

ByAmantă RuxandraRafael Menton

Two tales on the subject of the occult domination and the erotic human-bondage of the male to the female, open with “Blood Slave from Amantă Ruxandra and the tale of an English writer and historian who is commissioned to travel to Romania to deliver a book on the Carpathian region and its folklore and, instead, finds a quite different fate awaiting him at the hands and feet of an ageless female member of the Romanian aristocracy… A female aristocrat who is as warped and perverted as she is sexually alluring. Our second and longer tale is Rafael Menton’s “A Woman of Haiti”, in which it is 1911, and a respected Professor is invited to a gathering to witness the “gift” of a young woman visiting from the Caribbean. The prospect does not sit well with him, but he agrees to attend after being informed his fiancé will also be present to witness the exhibition of mesmerism. Cynical of the more mystical and magical beliefs, he accepts the challenge of the young woman and allows her to try her gift upon him… It will be a decision he will regret until his dying day, as his privileged life is dismantled about his head… And in the most ignominious of ways! Two exotic and retro tales describing the erotic horror experienced by men at the hands and feet of woman who use the weakness inherent in the masculine condition to enslave them.


Publication Date
May 17, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Amantă Ruxandra, By (author): Rafael Menton



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