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La Voile de Soie - Caversham's Descent - Revisiting a Woman of Haiti

3-Books of Erotic Female-Led Mind-Control & Horror

ByRafael Menton

Three books of mind control and erotic horror of the female-led variety from Rafael Menton open with La Voile de Soie”, in which an affluent single-man in his forties, ready to escape the rat-race of London’s financial markets, begins checking out the Suffolk coastal region for suitably quiet and picturesque locations that suit his naturally reclusive nature. What he finds will be a perfect Suffolk village on the very edge of the Sea… Unfortunately for him, the women of the strange village will find him equally as perfect… Though not as the kind of man he either believes or wants himself to be. Next we have “Caversham’s Descent”, in which the year is 1955 and, exiting Victoria station on his return home from work, the headline waiting to greet him at a news-stand tells of riots in Egypt and the collapse of his investment there and the loss of his quarterly dividend. Devastated, he decides to wait until the next day to contact the English friend in Alexandria looking after his interests there. Only to find when he wakes from a fitful sleep the following morning, that he is… Already there!... What follows will be a waking nightmare and a re-acquaintance with a woman who insists she has known him for centuries - and in the most intimate of ways… A woman of some power who now wants him back! Finally we have “Revisiting a Woman of Haiti”, our writer’s homage to the great erotic horror fiction from a different century. An interracial classic describing the inability of a man of logic to withstand the power of the occult… A man lacking the strength required to fight it when that power has been placed in the hands of a vindictive and merciless practitioner of Obeah from the South-Seas… No matter the shame and humiliation that will result from his submission. If you enjoy believable stories that trigger those more stygian and erotic areas of the imagination while invoking the spirit of assertive women it’s more than probable these tales will delight you.


Publication Date
Sep 19, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rafael Menton



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