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51 bodyweight exercises that will get your “young ‘un” FIT, STRONG and HEALTHY – and transform their lives almost OVERNIGHT!

ByRahul MookerjeeShristi Mookerjee

Kids these days get NOWHERE near the levels of physical activity they need - and this isn't me exaggerating in the slightest. From China to the U.S. to countries like India and (even!) Bangladesh - - childhood obesity is on the rise - - and HOW - - and FAST! Kids these days are weaned on a diet of dumbphones and "molly coddling" as opposed to regular physical activity and "the school of hard knocks", and it shows - especially in the flabby bellies showing up as young as 5 years of age - and - heaven forbid of all things - issues such as childhood diabetes, and other related issues! I mean really - - a kid of 5 - - and OBESE - -or even fat?? Such a thing did NOT exist when we were young - - even if we didn't "actively exercise" - - because we were always MOVING around! Some of us had the right example to follow, and we exercised along with them. Some (such as yours truly) had the WORST example he could follow in terms of fitness - but somehow, somewhere, the fitness BUG kept coming back - - and therefore this "39 year old kid" is where he is today in terms of fitness, hehe. However I could have got there a lot earlier - - and I could have done without the following - A weak grip during my adolescent years when most teenage boys are doing their best to OUTDO each other - and have NO idea of how to strengthen said grip. Shoulders that were so weak that some girls could throw the shot put farther than I did - this DESPITE me having what was outwardly a "slim figure". Those love handles - yes - at the age of 12 even - that the "tough guys" loved to pinch (until I fought back, which was another story - but still!). Zero confidence to approach girls (well, at least from a "physical" standpoint if not mental, if you know what I mean) And so forth. If you as an adult identify with any of this as a KID - - well - - rest assured, you're not alone. And being I have a six year old daughter, there is NO way I'd want HER going through her childhood with any of the above (ok, replace what I said above with the "girly" stuff but still!). And .... .... believe me, while I know what it feels like to be the weak kid and bullied in class - all throughout my childhood pretty much - if you compare me then with the average kid today - I was in super shape back then. Not kidding you, my friend. And this course will turn your kid BACK into the fitness machine he/she was naturally meant to be. No questions asked! Guaranteed . . . Grab it now, and be blown away!!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Rahul Mookerjee, Photographs by: Shristi Mookerjee



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