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16 INSPIRATIONAL fitness recollections

That will have YOU chomping at the bit ... for your OWN workout!

ByRahul Mookerjee

If there ever was a product I enjoyed creating - - it is this!This morning, as I chatted with a lady from Shanghai (a high powered lawyer of all things, hehe) my brain - and MEMORY - went into overdrive.We were talking about life - and workouts - and bodyweight exercise - and the conversation soon got around to LIFE - again."I wake up at 6 A.M.", she stated. "I get so much more done!"And in true form, she sent me a picture of her day - neatly planned out - almost as if it was on an Excel spreadsheet, planned out right down to the last minute - - and coming from a lawyer, that doesn't sound out of place either!Now, I'm NOT much of a one for early mornings, although I HAVE been in the past - most commonly when I was climbing the hill at the wee hours of the morning.Let me tell you, slogging up that hill was NO joke at 530 AM in the morning - especially during COLD and DESERTED winters - so deserted and DARK that it would be me and my trust phone torch - - and perhaps an oldie or two "Angel of the City" blaring out to keep me company for a while, hehe.I got some of the best workouts in - of my LIFE at that time - and I still remember EACH and every one of those numerous workouts, strange as it might sound!And I still remember EACH and every one of my workouts when I was in college - and the FEELING behind them.I still remember climbing up a hill in POURING weather that most wouldn't even consider going out in.I still remember ... ah, but this is the entire point of me writing THIS - and telling you THIS!!Just writing these tales - and recollections - got me so fired up that I literally pounded out a 100 pushups right there in my study -right after writing about a 15000 words or so (give or take) - and if this inspires me - a VETERAN when it comes to fitness and working out - I can just imagine what it will do to you, my friend.If you've got a pulse - just reading all this will inspire you like nothing else!If you're overweight - just READING about how I went out there and did it - - day by day - - rain, sun or shine - or hail, on occasion, hehe - - will give you JUST the boost you need!As my friend Marc once sagely said "I think you're great at motivating people".And I am - - and I enjoy doing it - - which is of course the reason I write my daily emails and newsletters - and do everything else I do on a daily basis.When I put FEELING (and indeed, when YOU put feeling) into my words and actions is when I perform best - and so will YOU, my friend.So will YOU!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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