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Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS

Hidden keys that have NOT been revealed until NOW.

ByRahul Mookerjee

Here is but SOME of what you'll learn in this course - - 25 different ways to do pull-ups that will leave you in the DUST and GOGGLING in wonder, my friend. Literally - you'll be learning variations on the pull-up that you've never ever even DREAMT of before, let alone HEARD OF! 15 different WORKOUTS that will have your entire upper body squealing for mercy - and your muscle literally writhing in agony - and pulsating with a NEW life. How to get in a COMPLETE upper body workout - with just the pull-up alone (and if you do it right, it won't take you more than 15 minutes - and you'll be SPANKED at the end of it). RAW, ferocious animal like strength you cannot get from other movements. You'll be a NEW MAN (or woman) after a few days of doing what's specified in this course.A TRULY ripped and functionally (MEGA) strong midsection. You'll have slabs of GRANITE for abs, and your obliques will turn into twin corded pylons of steel-like power, endurance, flexibility and "feel"!Hidden secrets and KEYS to increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the pull-up that NO-ONE else is telling you - - including - - hold on to your hats - - how to change LEG positioning to completely change up the effect of the exercise! THIS ONE tip alone is worth the price of admission, my friend. That coveted "X" shape will be YOURS. Oh yes, it WILL! A grip like it was made of rebar, and fingers of IRON. Fingers like CLAWS, more like and hands like PLIERS. If folks were scared to shake your hand before - well, they'll definitely SHY away in FORCE now (hint - Read related testimonials/comments on this on the testimonials/grip page, hehe). Corded forearms with veins running up and down them pulsating with LIFE FORCE, ENERGY, VITALITY and STRENGTH! Massive, well built shoulders that are broader than a BARN DOOR, and are every bit as strong as they look!A MAMMOTH, BRAWNY upper back that looks like it belongs to an old timer. Traps extending all the way up to your ears that look like they belong on a silverback gorilla! A "packed" chest that literally RIPPLES - nay, STREAMS with muscle every time it moves! SUPER CARDIO, and how to get it with pull-ups. This alone is probably worth TEN times the "price of admission", and on that note - I look forward to welcoming YOU aboard! Best, Rahul Mookerjee


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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