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Zero to HERO

25 proven techniques to accomplish ANY GOAL you set for yourself, bar NONE.

ByRahul Mookerjee

25 POWER PACKED, and more importantly, PROVEN tips that WILL catapult you on the road to success quicker than a grizzly bear chasing a rabbit downhill. Crisply written, the author's direct, barebones and down to earth style reverberates through this entire manual, and none more so than when actual examples from the author's life are quoted. And yes, everything quoted is VERIFIABLE FACT!Have there been periods in your life where you could literally do NOTHING WRONG? Have there been periods in your life where you were in the exact OPPOSITE predicament? Are you tired of using “will power” until your brain literally CREAKS, and yet you accomplish a big fat ZERO? Are you tired of slaving away at whatever it is you do with nothing to show for it, either monetarily or mentally? Do you feel you need “resources” to accomplish whatever it is you want, and never seem to be able to get them despite “trying” as hard as you can? Last, but not least, have you often wondered why life seems so effortless at times, everything "flowing" like it should, especially when there are times it's the exact opposite? HAVE YOU GONE FROM "ZERO TO HERO" status - - and BACK TO ZERO AGAIN? If you answered YES to any of the above, then this book is for YOU. I can identify as well, as I've been in the exact same boat myself. And guess what - the key is NOT "hard work", and definitely not "positive thinking" or "willpower" like we've been told so many times. The key is something so amazingly simple that you'll have trouble believing it. You’ve probably heard that success is “99% perspiration, and 1% inspiration”. And do not get me wrong – that axiom DOES hold true, but, what people don’t realize is that 1% is the part that really, really COUNTS.First off, and to start off – and right off the bat – let me get THIS out of the way – there is no “magic bullet” to success.And no, despite what it may sound like I’ve never had any financial “backers” or “anyone to lean upon” during tough times.In fact, it’s been the exact opposite for most of my life – zero resources, if I might say so.It’s NOT about good luck, or good fortune, or any of the stuff most folks make it out to be. It’s not just about “willpower” and “hard jawed effort”. Although that is part of it, those things alone won’t make you any more successful than you are now – but mix them in with the REAL KEY to success – and watch your life change for the better so quickly that you’ll wonder why it took so long to begin with!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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