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Sir Leaps-A-Lot Saves The Day

ByRaisin CarterPatt Phipps

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Youngsters of all ages will be amused, entertained, and delighted by Sir Leaps-A-Lot Saves The Day. Sir Leaps-A-Lot is a young toad in Goose Pimple Junction. He wants to be an opera singer like all the other young toads who study under the tutelage of the choir professor. The professor praises the youth who sit still to echo back the proper chords. Unfortunately, he has no patience for squirmy students. That is a problem for Sir Leaps-A-Lot. He can’t sit still! Music enchants the little frog so instead of singing, he hops and twirls. The Professor frowns, classmates laugh and poor Sir Leaps-A-Lot feels like a failure, a Big Flop who doesn’t fit the ‘toad role’. Fortunately Sir Leaps-A-Lot’s wise grandmother encourages him to believe that God does not make mistakes. His grandmother’s encouragement and his talks with God help him feel good about who God created him to be...a fun-loving, happy, twirling dancer. When a crisis befalls the professor and his classmates, it is Sir Leaps-A-Lot who comes to the rescue. His ability to hop and twirl becomes the key to saving the day, proving that being different can be a tremendous strength. Through this heartwarming journey, Sir Leaps-A-Lot discovers that true fulfillment comes through trusting God and embracing one’s authentic self. Being ‘who he is’ made him a hero.


Publication Date
Aug 16, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Raisin Carter, Revised by: Patt Phipps


Interior Color
A4 Landscape (11.69 x 8.27 in / 297 x 210 mm)

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