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A Brief History of Alpha Gamma of Chi Psi

With Excerpts from the Sesquicentennial Catalogue and Purple & Gold

ByRalph Stewart

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"Pursuing Tradition and Excellence Since 1858" Alpha Gamma of Chi Psi has been pursuing tradition and excellence at the University of Mississippi since September 27, 1858, when Lawson White Sykes and Thomas C. Holiday of Alpha Sigma established Alpha Gamma. At the outbreak of the Civil War, the entirety of Alpha Gamma enlisted in the service of the State. John Calhoun Evans, #1, was killed at the age of 17 in the Battle of Shiloh but left the fraternity archives with his mother for safekeeping during the war. Mrs. Evans kept the trust and gave the Fraternity archives to founder Oscar Fitz-Allen Bledsoe, and he revived the Alpha in 1866. Chi Psi flourished in Mississippi as the aristocratic fraternity of accomplishment until state anti-fraternity laws were passed by a populist legislature. Among its old members are many historic Mississippi families including former Chancellor Robert Burwell Fulton. The historic antebellum Fraternity was revived in 1970 thanks to the efforts provided by #7 Nelson T. Levings of Alpha Omicron and support from six undergraduate refounders, 27 alumni initiates, and numerous others. The fraternity experienced many years of success in the subsequent decades and boasted many national achievements including the Thayer Award in 1977 and the Goodbody Award in 1997. In 2000, Alpha Gamma hosted the 159th National Convention of Chi Psi. After only the briefest periods of dormancy, between 2007 and 2013, Gamma was recolonized largely through the efforts of Justin Froeber and Derek Taylor (both of Pi Delta) and Doug Buglewicz (Gamma) along with over 50 “padawan” students. Gamma colony received a unanimous vote for Alpha status after only a few months of implementing a value-based recruitment system. The presence and support of Gamma’s alumni remained ever-present during this period of recolonization and especially in the effort to construct a new Chi Psi Lodge which finally came to fruition in 2017. Meanwhile, the success and excellence of the Alpha were demonstrated with the attainment of the Goodbody Award for Excellence at the 175th national convention.


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May 12, 2022
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By (author): Ralph Stewart


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