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Daniel's Calendar Decoded:

From the Elephantine Papyri

ByRandall Sawyer

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In the sacred pages of past ages, the wiseman Daniel wrote cryptic descriptions about a universal Sanctuary he had seen in a series of startling visions. The aged prophet peered through the portals of time and saw the mystery of salvation sketched in parallel time prophecies that spanned seventy weeks and twenty-three-hundred years. Our study scrutinizes Daniel's time prophecies to see how God fulfilled His word timewise, according to the day-year principle. We are not interested in anyone's private prophetical predictions and entertaining books of fiction. We want to stand on the rock of Scripture with the eyes of perception and the ears of hearing to know what God is saying and doing. Seventh-Day Adventists and other earnest seekers have inherited and developed the most comprehensive study on the subject. Therefore, we will put the Adventist interpretation under a magnifying glass to test the dates. We will see how the early Millerites pieced so many symbols and signs in such a well-woven tapestry of truths. We will explore how the Adventist pioneer, Ellen G. White, impacted the interpretation. We will also dive deeply into the Passover timing to establish the correct Hebrew day when Christ was crucified based on Bible symbology, historical accounts, and astronomical applications. We are looking into the distant past to solve this puzzle. Therefore, we must rely on Scripture, ancient historians, authentic artifacts, and Christian eyewitnesses. Early on, we saw that Daniel used a Hebrew calendar to mark his prophecy. Therefore, we must also discover how Daniel's calendar measured time in those strange lands in past ages. Amazingly, God buried papyri proof in the dry sand on Elephantine Island, Egypt, to solve this marvelous mystery. Follow along as we brush away the sands of time to reconstruct the old Hebrew calendar. Discover how Jesus fulfilled those time prophecies with intriguing accuracy and some insightful twists.


Publication Date
May 17, 2019
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Randall Sawyer


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