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An Esoteric Approach to Causes , Process and the Necessity of Death

ByRavi Godrick Vincent

Across every threshold the fearsome specter of Death throws his shadow. It visits alike the palace and the poorhouse. None are safe: old or young, well or ill, rich or poor. All alike must pass through this gloomy portal, and down the ages has sounded the piteous cry for a solution of the riddle of life, the riddle of death Amid all the uncertainties which are the characteristics of the world, there is but one certainty--Death. At one time or another, after a short or a long life, comes this termination to the material phrase of our existence which is a birth into a new world, as that which we term "birth" is, in the beautiful words of Wordsworth, a forgetting past. CHAPTER - 1: Introduction CHAPTER - 2 -THE PASSING CHAPTER 3 : Necessity of Death CHAPTER 5 :DEATH comes CHAPTER 6 :"THERE IS NO DEATH" THE REAL NATURE OF DEATH CHAPTER 7 :EFFECTS OF SUICIDE CHAPTER - 8: CAUSES OF DEATH DURING INFANCY CHAPTER - 9 :PROPER CARE OF THE DECEASED CHAPTER - 10 :HOW TO HELP THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED ON CHAPTER - 11 : Quotes on death


Publication Date
Apr 21, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Ravi Godrick Vincent




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