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THE TRUE ORIGIN OF THE FLYING SAUCERS. The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History Made By Admiral Richard E. Bird in the Mysterious Land Beyond The Poles

ByRaymond Bernard

More that half a century after the first publication of The Hollow Earth, the theory proposed by Raymond Bernard is still on debate. In 1964 , Dr. Bernard states that this is the homeland of the flying saucers. The significance of Adm. Byrd s flight for 1,700 miles into the North Polar opening, leading to the hollow interior of the earth, the home of a Super Race who are the Creators of the flying saucers.The author claims that this remarkable book proves that there exists on the inside of the earths crust, which is about 800 miles thick, a New World, and that Admiral Byrds polar expeditions penetrated a total distance of 4,000 miles into this Land Beyond the North and South Poles, where there exist immense openings leading to the subterranean world in the hollow interior of the earth, home of a super civilization.Copy and paste the link for our books:


Publication Date
Aug 7, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Raymond Bernard



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