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How to Hang Art Like the Professionals: The Basics

ByRaymond Enriquez

Have you ever looked at a picture hanging on a wall and questioned why it looked so crooked, out of place, or elevated so high on the wall that you’re neck starts hurting from having to look up? If you have, you’re not alone! Long before my days of working as an art installer that lasted for several years, I had no idea that there was even an actual method of hanging art on a wall. Let alone a method of hanging that is both professional and secure. Whether a piece of art is hung in a home, place of business or in a public space, there is really no way of knowing if it is installed properly until you physically try to yank it down from its edge. Yes, there are specific instructions behind most art purchased from a retail outlet, but does it justify the space in which you are placing it? Is it secure? Is it easy to view? Is your investment protected? Most people typically have no clue as to how to hang a piece of art that they invested so much of their hardworking money into. You do your research, look for art installers within your area, but come up with nothing. You ask a friend or a general contractor while moving into your new apartment or house, and end up with art that is crooked, on the verge of falling to the ground or even worse: stolen! In this book, I will teach you the art of installing art and how to do it like a professional. I will teach you what hardware to use, the different methods of hanging artwork, and how to turn your boring walls or your clients boring walls into an art gallery that will impress any guests entering your space.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2021
Home & Garden
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By (author): Raymond Enriquez



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