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To Rime & To Rhyme

ByRaymond Tay

To Rime & To Rhyme is a unique collection of poems that rhyme throughout, a moment of melodious recitation to soothe readers without doubt. Hopefully pleasing to the ears if heard in harmony, rhyming sounds that resonate in the name of phonology. What a good day and nice way to say, "Come what may.", Let's rime and rhyme this poem entitled "Mother's Day". When I entered the world bawling on the very first day, Mother's love came to the rescue, soothing me all the way. Surrounded by her priceless nurture and care everyday, My life seems to sail into a journey of joy and gay. Oh! How can your adorable sacrifice ever I repay, I love you, I need you mum ... I must sincerely say. A rhyming poem specially composed to all mothers by Raymond Tay. Still fired with zest even when the sun sets in the west, Do take a nice rest and wish you all the best! By penning these poetic lines, have a jolly good time, May your wonderful life be as fine as a rhyme!


Publication Date
Aug 15, 2007
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Raymond Tay



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