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Family Alcoholism: A Life Story

ByRayn Gryphon

This World is riven and crossed by the dark and heavy rays of dark and heavy thoughts. Consuming toxic sedatives relieves ourselves of our emotional Motherland. Allowing emotional experience into our minds and into our lives is, I believe, a fundamental factor in the growth of the conscious capacities of human beings, which in turn is the single greatest factor in determining our degree of Happiness in Life. In the emotional experience of the author, may you find the hope of a Light in the soul that will always know the Truth, that it is of an Happiness that is everlasting as the thoughts in all of the splendid Nature of the Earth, full of all the emotions and feelings that truly expand the mind with an invisible gleam that alone governs the World with the desire of the Happiness of every child of every age.


Publication Date
Sep 2, 2012
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Rayn Gryphon



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