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Perception: How Artificial Intelligence Sees the World

(Fun Picture Book for K-2, AI+ME Series)

ByReadyAI LLCShanshan Jin

Is your child interested in sci-fi, robots, or video games? Is your kid fascinated by smart home assistants and the prospect of self-driving cars? Time to turn that enthusiasm into action and engage with the exciting world of artificial intelligence! ‘AI+Me’ is a book series designed to introduce the 5 Big Ideas (Perception, Representation and Reasoning, Learning, Natural Interaction, and Societal Impact) of Artificial Intelligence to young learners. Learning AI opens up a world of opportunities for children. As the fastest growing area of computer science, AI will become the most important change force when our children grow up so it is critical they learn about it early. AI is also fun! The field of AI started with scientists making computers learn to play games. AI is an incredibly fun way to introduce kids to programming and pique their interest in advanced topics like deep learning. Lastly, a topic like AI naturally opens up discussions about our humanity as we dig deep into questions like “does AI positively or negatively impact society?” In doing so we aim to develop critical thinking skills and encourage students to reflect deeply.


Publication Date
Oct 9, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): ReadyAI LLC, Drawings by: Shanshan Jin, Commentaries by: David Touretzky



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