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Wanton Textiles

ByReb LivingstonRavi Shankar

"The themes behind many of these thoughts came to life while reading Reb Livingston & Ravi Shankar’s delightful chapbook “Wanton Textiles,” which is a series of clever, poetic communications between possible lovers or simply long-time Internet friends. Below the surface, however, I dare say “Wanton Textiles” is a convincing paradigm of current-day relationships – love in the days of long-distance commuting and Internet romances, where passion is exhibited via sexual innuendos transmitted real time through broadband connections and Windows-enabled PDAs. It seems the new foreplay of our generation. . . . . . . "Wanton Textiles” is indeed a satisfying romp through the psychological and primordial landscape of modern love, accentuated by separation that continuously fuels passionate longing. But even more than this, most importantly, “Wanton Textiles” is a highly enjoyable work read after read. Every page entertains, pleases, and impresses! It is a joy!" — Michael Parker at MiPoesias


Publication Date
Sep 2, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Reb Livingston, By (author): Ravi Shankar



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