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Biblical Feast Foundations 101

Addressing 18 core considerations for laying a firm foundation for how you and your family celebrate the Feasts and Festivals of YHVH our Elohim. This is the textbook for the Online Course.

ByRebekah Garvin

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How we celebrate the Feasts before YHVH Elohim is of up-most importance. They are HIS Feasts and we don’t want Him saying to us that He is weary of them, right? Right! If you are serious about repentance and living in Yah’s Feast rhythm (cycles) then you need to lay the foundation with care for how you celebrate them. In this book and online course Rebekah and Isaac cover topics such as: • What our Tithe is for • Yah’s Feast Rhythm Calendar • Feasting from a Melchizedek Perspective • Calendar Reckoning (which method to use to find His Calendar) • Do NOT show up empty-handed to the Mo’edim (Offerings and Sacrifices) • Feasting Philosophy • The Mo’edim Dance • Tips for Hosting His Mo’edim • Impressing His Ways on the Next Generation • Playing in His Feasts • Feast Etiquette • Loneliness, Isolation and Assembling • Da‘at and Yada’ (Head Knowledge and Heart Knowledge) • The Opposition that is set against Obedience Rebekah and Isaac consider each one of these topics to be foundational stones, as they are core to laying the foundation for building your Mo’edim celebrations and traditions. This book is incomplete without also taking the Biblical Feast Foundations 101 online course through Kingdom University. This is the textbook for that course. You will need both the course and this textbook to get the full picture of what Isaac and Rebekah are teaching and encouraging Israel to do when it comes to guarding Yah’s Mo’edim. Thus, this book does not stand on its own in content! Visit: to find out how to register for the online course.


Publication Date
Apr 21, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rebekah Garvin


Case Wrap
Interior Color
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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