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The Curse of the Sultan's Pyjamas

ByRed Herring Games

Hosting a murder mystery for a large number of guests can be very time consuming. This large group murder mystery game is simple to run, easy to rehearse and great fun! To run the mystery you need 7-8 cast, use of 1 large room with stage area, a few props and some paper clues. The scripts are minimal and easy to learn, and cast usually only need only two rehearsals. THE CURSE OF THE SULTAN'S PYJAMAS Professor Colin Fipmacintyre – the head of the Archaeology faculty at the local university is delivering a dinner lecture on his favourite topic “The Curse of the Sultan’s Pyjamas”. Unfortunately, tonight the talk is cut short. Just a few minutes into his planned speech Colin Fipmacintyre drops dead in full view of the assembled diners. With the building sealed off by the police, it now looks as though the after dinner entertainment will be solving the case instead! The question is: can anyone solve the case before the curse claims another victim?


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
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By (author): Red Herring Games



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