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Writing in Community

An Anthology of the Third Year

ByVaroshaRegina Beach

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Writing in Community: An Anthology of the Third Year is a community anthology written and produced by the members of the London Writers' Salon.


Publication Date
Sep 15, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Cover design or artwork by: Varosha, Preface by: Regina Beach, Foreword by: Matt Trinetti, Foreword by: Parul Bavishi, Edited by: Jayne Marshall, Edited by: Lisa Caldwell, Managing editor: Sarah Elliott, Managing editor: Shalini Bethala, Associate editor: Liana Bethala, Associate editor: Doerthe Dolata, Associate editor: Jackie Buxton, Associate editor: Sue du Feu, Associate editor: Susanne LeBrake, Associate editor: Alli McKenzie, Associate editor: Corrine Willis, Cover design or artwork by: Sue Ransom, By (author): Denise Alden, By (author): Lourdth Amutha, By (author): S.E. Anderson, By (author): Imogen Ashwin, By (author): Breanne Boland, By (author): E.R. Burgess, By (author): Jackie Buxton, By (author): Kathleen Capriario-Ulrich, By (author): Peppur Chambers, By (author): Louise Coghlan, By (author): Chris Colbeck, By (author): S.C. Cullen, By (author): Suzette De Coteau-Atuah, By (author): Carol Deppen, By (author): V.T. Dorchester, By (author): Anna Spence, By (author): Shalaka Laxman, By (author): Shawnee E, By (author): Helen Errington, By (author): Rachel Federman, By (author): Candice C. Floyd, By (author): Judith-Kate Friedman, By (author): Leone Gabrielle, By (author): Michelle Geffken, By (author): Maria Giron, By (author): Abra Hanen, By (author): Carmen Hedges, By (author): Beth Hendrickson, By (author): Lu Hersey, By (author): Di Hinds Williamson, By (author): Kath Hubbard, By (author): Anke Humpert, By (author): Caroline Jenner, By (author): Dawn Keller, By (author): Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh, By (author): Hank Kimmel, By (author): Yessica Klein, By (author): Christian Svanes Kolding, By (author): Lucy Lewis, By (author): Daniel Loebl, By (author): Anne Macaulay, By (author): Jess Mannion, By (author): Mich Maroney, By (author): Simona Martini, By (author): Anne McCarthy, By (author): Amie McGraham, By (author): Alli McKenzie, By (author): Julie McManus, By (author): Robin Moore, By (author): Connstance Moylan, By (author): Di Murrell, By (author): Adele Newton, By (author): Tracy O'Brien, By (author): Diane O'Neill, By (author): Anne Page, By (author): Erica Robert Pallo, By (author): C.J. Palmisano, By (author): Ansuya Patel, By (author): Alace Pearl, By (author): Peter Rothe, By (author): Julie Russell, By (author): Roman Ryan, By (author): Jack Sevana, By (author): Erica Sharlette, By (author): Sussi Louise Smith, By (author): Rachael Spavins, By (author): Silvano Stagni, By (author): Catherine Stratton, By (author): Kay Stratton, By (author): Madeline Wahl, By (author): Patricia Wallace, By (author): Gemma-Louise Walsh, By (author): Jake Williams, By (author): Danielle Woodgate, By (author): Dominique Zino


Case Wrap
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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