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Build the Micro-Stim: Use Microcurrent Therapy to Heal Yourself

ByReginald W. Davis

Microcurrent therapy is the use of an extremely small pulsating current of electricity to treat pain and to stimulate healing in the body. These currents are on the same scale as the currents produced by the body on its own. This means you cannot feel them because they are below the level of sensory perception. Doctors and physical therapists are using microcurrent therapy to reduce pain and promote faster healing of wounds, injured muscles, tendons, and broken bones. There is enormous potential in the possibility that this type of therapy can eliminate many viruses in the blood. It may also have a similar effect on bacteria, fungi, and parasites. In effect, it may be possible to apply this technology (through the Micro-Stim) as a “Blood Purifier.” The Micro-Stim is a device that is capable of introducing a microcurrent into the body. It then monitors this current through a numerical display. As the body’s electrical resistance changes, the amount of current flowing through it changes.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Reginald W. Davis



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