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Conversations with the Cardinal

My Moments with the Money Man

ByReine De Ciel

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ABOUT THE BOOK Leadership is a set of traits and skills anyone can master, specifically psychology. It is not a zero-sum equation. All people are born with a spirit of leadership, but only those who internalize it become truly effective leaders. Real leaders have a unique spiritual attitude born of inner self-discovery. This translates into strong confidence, positivity, self-confidence and self-image. Everyone has an instinct and the ability to lead, but most do not have the courage or the will to develop it. The future belongs to those who lead, those who are creative and know how to work with others. We are in a world where anyhow people or persons cannot occupy a leadership position. Where they are chosen based on merit and we look at what they have to offer and the different qualities that make them qualify for that position. Are leaders born, made, developed, and nurtured, or are they a product of their environment? Is leadership reserved for a minority, a certain gender, a social class, or the highly intelligent? Is leadership a rare breed? Is it a DNA byproduct of super-racial superiority? Or can anyone be a leader at any time and place? In one way or another, these problems have existed for thousands of years. This book aims to challenge the limits of your understanding of your capabilities and hopefully ignite the belief among young people that you were born to lead. Hundreds of thousands of books have been written on leadership and the characteristics of a good leader. Those who find themselves in this position often realize that power in itself is not enough to help them succeed and, so most of us are just trying to find the right set of virtues and personalities—the recipe for a perfect leader. But not many consider that many of these exceptional leaders are people we hear about and follow. If you're looking for a way to ignite your inner leadership spirit, this book is for you! In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many topics you will need to know to be successful. You will learn about the following: • Definition of True Leadership • Leadership types and analysis • Top Leadership theories • The art of leading with integrity • How to be a courageous and exemplary leader with integrity • Technical skills you must possess to be a highly successful leader


Publication Date
Dec 3, 2022
Social Science
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By (author): Reine De Ciel


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