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Book Gift: A Course in Miracles, Children's Edition

Give a printed copy to a family in need.

ByRev. Devan Jesse Byrne

(It says "EBook" because this purchase gives you a PDF and we use the funds to give the physical copy to the benefactor) Give the gift of a printed copy of the "A Course in Miracles, Children's Edition" to a family in need. (Wholesale Print Cost + International Shipping) - This purchase is strictly to provide a gifted copy of 'A Course in Miracles, Children's Edition' to an anonymous family in need. The distribution of these gifts is based on approved applications ( Here: ) received in the order they are submitted under the discretion of Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne. They can not be assigned by donors, nor are they transferable or refundable. Please note that applicants are not subject to background checks and are solely accountable under the penalty of perjury. (The digital "Ebook" product you receive through this purchase is a PDF Thank You card. Which is tax-deductable evidence from the 'Undefinable and Expansive' Organization 501(c)(3) pending 2023)


Publication Date
Nov 7, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne



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