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The Twelve Laws Of Wealth Creation - Paperback Edition By Rev. Eric Ighalo

The Twelve Laws Of Wealth Creation - Paperback Edition By Rev. Eric Ighalo

ByRev. Eric Ighalo

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Dear reader, as we begin the journey to unveiling the twelve laws of wealth creation, I will start by asking some questions that are pivotal: What do we mean by being wealthy? What do we mean by being financially successful? Are there indices, or things you can point at, to say you are financially successful? I think so, and will suggest a few: • Ability to be able to take care of yourself and have a comfortable lifestyle. Suffering and smiling is a choice • Ability to be able to have a balanced and profitable investment portfolio. • Own a house of your own. • Having a comfortable lifestyle after retirement • Ability to meet emergencies as they come, for example, medical bills, or sudden bills. • Having multiple streams of income. • Ability to do good. To express in concrete and visible terms your desires, and accomplishing them without much difficulties or restraint. How do you fare with these indices? If you feel a sense of having fallen short, you are not alone. Acknowledging a problem is having it half solved. But the other half may not be so easy. That's why after many seminars and “how to”, books on financial prosperity, many are still far away from being financially comfortable!! This book may be your answer. Also, why is it that so many hardworking, well-educated, high income earning people are not wealthy? - across cultures, age, skill and religion? Research carried out to help us understand this phenomenon came out with a shocking conclusions, these are: • They did not make a decision to be wealthy. • If they made a decision to be wealthy, they never acted on that decision. In every generation, from creation to modern civilization, there have always been three categories of people - The Poor, The Rich and those who are moving towards any of the two classes earlier stated called the Middle Class. There is now a reasonable understanding of why this is so. In the midst of major financial struggles, all those who have created wealth keep saying some very outstanding comments about Wealth Creation and I would like to quote one from a very classical small book called the “Richest man in Babylon.” “lo! Money is plentiful but only available to those who understand the simple rules of its acquisition.”


Publication Date
May 14, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Rev. Eric Ighalo


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