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Christ's Kingdom on Earth

The Church and Her Divine Constitution, Organization and Framework Explained for the People

ByRev. James L. Meagher

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There never was and there never will be on earth an institution, so wonderful and so worthy of our study as the Catholic Church. She comes down from God the Son, as he came from his eternal Father, and coming to earth, she continues his work of redemption. She is the extension and the continuation of the atonement of Christ. The Holy Spirit, coming from Father and Son, comes down to earth to form the church out of the scattered children of Adam, binding all Christians into the Mystic Body of Christ. The Son, her Head, the Holy Ghost, her Soul, the church penetrates to all nations, teaching with the authority of God, redeeming every member of the fallen race, raising up men weighted with sin, healing the diseases of society, preparing her members for the glories of heaven. Happy the peoples who sit at her feet, listening to her teachings, feeding on her sacraments, dwelling in peace under her laws. Bride of the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of his members, the heavenly Jerusalem, the City of God, formed of the chosen people, she fills the world with the glories of her Founder. In the following pages will be found complete explanations of her divine constitution and her organization, which enabled her to survive the numerous revolutions, which overturned every human institution of the ancient world, showing how she flows down from the divine nature of "The Word of God." A careful study of the following pages will show the reader that the divine constitution of the church is a worthy work of God's only Begotten Son. (The Author)


Publication Date
Jul 5, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Rev. James L. Meagher


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Black & White
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