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International Journal of Society, Culture & Language. Volume 3(1) (2015)

ByReza Pishghadam

Articles included in this issue: 1. Investigating Non-Native English Speaking Graduate Students’ Pragmatic Development in Requestive Emails 2. Changes and Challenges of Literacy Practices: A Case of a Village in Iran 3. An Exploratory Study on the Use of I Love You in the American Context 4. Discourse Markers in Political Interviews: A Contrastive Study of Persian and English 5. The Consequences of the Contacts between Bantu and Non-Bantu Languages around Lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania 6. Assertiveness, Compliance and Politeness: Pragmatic and Sociocultural Aspects of ‘Brazilian English’ and ‘American English’ 7. The Question of Re-Presentation In EFL Course Books: Are Learners of English Taught about New Zealand? 8. A Separation, an Ideological Rift in the Iranian Society and Culture: Media, Discourse and Ideology 9. Discursive Strategies in Selected Political Rally Campaigns of 2011 Elections in Southwestern Nigeria 10. What Is Sociolinguistics?, G. Van Herk (2012), Wiley-Blackwell, ISBN 978-1-405-19318-4


Publication Date
Feb 23, 2015
Education & Language
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By (author): Reza Pishghadam



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