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Jörgensen and the Machine

ByR.G. Vasicek

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"R.G. Vasicek writes like someone who enjoys inventing things out of fun. It’s a great way to construct a novel. R.G. Vasicek has written like a man whose imagination has no limits, where we are bound to drift into a dystopia far removed from reality, where we are unable to determine between our fiction and reality, for example, the world of the post-apocalypse. R.G. Vasicek comprehends the constraints we will drift into, will they be despotic, dystopic and utterly brilliant, will they be accountable, Laputan and unreservedly gloomy, where the sexual tastes on a colony planet will twirl amongst vortices of space-time. The world of R.G. Vasicek is a world of imagination, where humans would enter a reality like a rocket into a black hole, where humans have been exiled from where we are bound to drift into an unknown. R.G. Vasicek has written a grotesque as imagined by Marshall Applewhite rewriting Unveiling a Parallel. As a novelist, R.G. Vasicek consists of no elements, rather all elements, where holograms of human smiles touch the tornadoes on a faraway horizon, where radiation sickness smacks against green plasma, where trailer parks have bunkers to protect the populace against nuclear war. Human existence is a series of electric images, sex films, where E.M Forster’s short sci-fi story The Machine Stops runs headlong into Alfred de Musset’s Gamiani. This is where humans go to get off planet Earth where the human body is the only vehicle on a colony planet. R.G. Vasicek consists within the imagination of a science fiction author, the ability to construct the future, the potential to make something from the empty opus. He can construct the future, to make something out of humans, he has been given the keys to do just that." - Shane Jesse Christmass (author of Belfie Hell) "Ecstatic humxn sex-machines at war w/ totalitarian braindeath-machines! Earth invaded by thought parasites! "People all over the planet losing their minds! What will save them from the entropy of sheer Existenz? Kamila says, "To save the planet from invasion, people need to []!" Watch machine-dogs quantum-leap through 10,000-year-old alien radios! Witness obscene Czechoslovak spanking rituals! Participate in flagrant exhibitions of oligarchocide! These & even more preposterous scenes of postpreterite excess, in this most defective eroticon of all: R.G. Vasicek's JÖRGENSEN & THE MACHINE." -Louis Armand (author of The Combinations)


Publication Date
Jan 6, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): R.G. Vasicek


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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