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Slot Car Magazine – JANUARY 2022, issue 65


Here we are at the beginning of a new year, hoping that things will soon get better. Weren’t we doing that this time last year? Anyway… I must thank everyone who came along to Gaydon at the end of November. By all accounts the event was a success – from our point of view it certainly was, given that we actually sold all the copies we’d had printed of the November issue, including the one I was supposed to have! The SRC Porsche competition was great success too and to cap it all, we remained COVID-free. If anything, it’s made me look forward to May even more, so let’s hope the pandemic won’t still be spoiling things by then. I had a great end to my own slotting year, with the arrival of the NSR L&M Porsches and the George Turner Maserati 151, both of which are to be found on my list of favourite racing cars ever. While it’s hard to feel massively enamoured with life in general at the moment, the slot car manufacturers have been giving us (or me, anyhow) some reasons to be cheerful, with some very tasty and interesting cars in the offing. From Thunderslot’s Mustang to the TTS 1/24th March F2, there’s more cars to look forward to than for a long time. The Policar Le Mans Ferrari 412P might even turn up. Imagine that! As I write, Andy Player’s report on the 2022 Scalextric releases has just come in, again with much to interest the – dare I say – older enthusiast, i.e. the cars us old codgers like to try and remember. Finally, if you haven’t gone off in search of something more interesting already, I followed the television documentary about Hornby shown here in the UK with great interest. It was good that they showed some club racing too – well done to those that participated in that. One thing did strike me, though. Isn’t it amazing how many people say “Scalectrix” instead of “Scalextric”? Having one of the most recognisable brands in the country, yet having so many people saying it wrongly… who would be a brand manager? Take care,


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Jan 13, 2022
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By (author): MARC ABBOTT, By (author): RIC WOODS



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