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Slot Car Magazine – JULY 2020, issue 56

ByMarc AbbottRic Woods

Here we all are, still locked down, partially locked down, coming out of lockdown or on our way back into it. There is some light at the end of the tunnel (and in this case it’s not the usual oncoming train), in that the companies in mainland Europe are getting underway and new cars and parts are again coming through. We heartily applaud the efforts they are making on our behalf and wish them all the best with their return to something like normality. Wouldn’t you just know it, the truckloads of new cars started arriving just as we went to press, but that’s the way it goes sometimes! It’s time to get rid of the lockdown blues with some retail therapy, I think. Thanks are also due to our band of contributors who have come up with the goods despite the difficult circumstances. I have noticed that there seems to be something of a revival in what is now termed “the more affordable end of the market” with the arrival of the Policar range, tested in this issue by Gary Skipp. With these and the cost-effective Carrera Stock Cars (as reviewed by Andy Player), a return to the days of lots-of-fun-for-not-much-money could be on the cards. Given the hard times ahead being predicted, this might be a very clever move… This editorial is supposed to be thought-provoking and to transport the reader into a state of high excitement about this issue of the magazine. Having utterly failed to do either of those things, it’s time for me to stop blabbering and to let you get on with reading the interesting bits. Wherever you are, please stay safe and do your best to keep others safe too.


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Jul 9, 2020
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By (author): Marc Abbott, By (author): Ric Woods



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