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Slot Car Magazine – MARCH 2022, issue 66

ByMarc AbbottRic Woods

This is the part where I would normally be upbeat and positive and looking forward to great things that are going to happen. As I write, the events in Ukraine are making our hobbies and interests seem impossibly trivial; this new perspective has served to highlight to me how lucky I am to be able to immerse myself in these pastimes and passions. I must try never to forget that. Having been all excited about forthcoming releases last month, there are even more things to be excited about this month. My favourites – the classic sports cars – are set to arrive in even greater numbers, which is great news for me, for Pendle Slot Racing but not so brilliant for my bank, especially as I’ve also just embarked on a programme of upgrading the “it looks great, but…” shelf queens in the collection into something much more fun. I know that this process will destroy any resale values as collectors’ items, but given that by the time they are worth anything decent I’ll be long departed for that great eight-laner in the sky, I opted for the heresy route. I hope you enjoy this month’s mixed bag of slotting goodness. If you’re hoping to pick up your next issue from us at Gaydon in May, we hope you do that too! And, finally, I got through an entire editorial without mentioning the pandemic! Except just there, of course.


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Mar 10, 2022
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By (author): Marc Abbott, By (author): Ric Woods



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