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Slot Car Magazine – MAY 2021, issue 61

ByMarc AbbottRic Woods

We’re all a bit tiddly here at Slot Car Magazine International, celebrating the fact that the magazine has now been going for ten years. In fact, it passed that date in April, but a few years ago we muddied the waters somewhat by changing our publication date by a month. It seemed a good idea at the time – and indeed it still seems one now – because another slot car magazine had started up and none-too-wisely decided to publish in the same month as SCM, thus giving the customer the possibility of two mags reporting on many of the same things in one month, followed by a month of silence… Also, we liked the idea of turning up at Gaydon in May with a brand new issue, instead of one that everybody had bought in April. I had a look at that first issue – 24 pages instead of the 40 you get nowadays, incidentally – and was reminded that Andy Player has been with us since that very first edition. Andy has made a massive contribution over the years! Dilworth emerged from the shadows to baffle and bemuse us all a short time later, as did Hub Habets, who came up to our stand at the Festival and asked if we’d be interested in his rally track features. How glad we are that we said “Yes please”! I must also thank Sean at Pendle Slot Racing, who has supported us throughout. We always wanted the mag to be available in a printed format and Sean provided an outlet for the printed copies that, for us, made the whole thing worthwhile. Incidentally, occasional contributor Rui Costa featured in both that first magazine and this one. A master of good timing or what?! Time for me to stop blabbering on, otherwise Mr Abbott will have eaten all the vol-au-vents and drunk all the Tizer. I hope you enjoy the magazine.


Publication Date
May 8, 2021
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By (author): Marc Abbott, By (author): Ric Woods



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