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Slot Car Magazine – MAY 2024, issue 79

Slot Car Magazine – MAY 2024, issue 79

ByMarc AbbottRic Woods

It’s Gaydon time again, hooray! Excitement is building here at the magazine ahead of the big weekend, the first stage of which is making sure we get this magazine printed in time! There will be a very sorry-looking duo at our stall if that doesn’t happen… Of course, getting everything to the venue is quite an effort for all the traders and we are no exception. I have to check that I’ve got my tablets and toothbrush, while Marc has to load all the boxes of magazines into his car. He then has to load banners, tablecloths, prizes and any other sales paraphernalia, meanwhile I carefully plan the timing of my journey, so as to arrive just after he’s unloaded everything at the venue. Sometimes I think he has no idea just how distracting it can be for me to be receiving all those texts and phone calls while I am on my way there! Here’s hoping that we have a very successful weekend, so that there are fewer boxes of magazines for him to load – and unload – on Sunday afternoon. Other names you will know from the magazine will be in attendance at the Festival. Hub Habets will be there with his brilliant “Slot Rally Hill” track, which has featured in these pages and – all the way from Australia – Tony Di Pastena will be at the event for the first time. I must also mention that Andy Player is a very welcome returnee to the magazine this month after a long period of illness, with an extremely informative piece about the Scalextric Club Mini. If you have one and want to know all about the real one, this is the place for you, though we would prefer it if you actually buy the magazine and read it when you get home rather than just stand at the stall reading it. Andy is hoping to put in an appearance at the show and it’ll be great to see him. It will be great to see you too, especially if you have something nice to say. If you have any complaints, we will be glad to listen, before insisting that you have us confused with a competitor. For the many that can’t make it to Gaydon, I’m sorry for going on about it so much here and I really hope you enjoy the rest of the magazine as usual.


Publication Date
Apr 24, 2024
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By (author): Marc Abbott, By (author): Ric Woods



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